Solid Titanium ULTRA Carabiner 3.0

*Each carabiner comes with two titanium keyrings.

Engineered from a DOUBLE THICK solid piece of Ti6Al4V grade 5 aerospace Titanium + multitool!

It's cut with a thick, electrically charged wire. We polished the surface after stone-tumbled it in order to reach a scratch-resistant gleaming finish.  

Titanium has around 30% more "elasticity" than steel. No springs or levers to break, lose or wear out. Just a lifetime of reliable, strong service.

Our carabiner 3.0 can be used as a keychain, bottle opener, can opener, slotted type screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, bicycle wrench, hex wrench (4/6/8/10), and much more. It gives you 10 tools at your fingertips!


Only 0.6oz (18g)!

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