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Polar Metals

Titanium Survival EDC: Bottle Opener + Glass Breaker + Knife

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Made of TC4 Titanium, pure Titanium, and Tungsten Steel, this small and handy tool can help you get through menial tasks as well as protect you in dangerous situations.

Built-in Knife

A built-in design for the knife makes it convenient and safe to carry in daily life. A pocket knife is an everyday essential for men, and women particularly.

Bottle Opener

Made of solid TC4 Titanium, the top is super strong and can be used as a bottle opener.

Glass Breaker

The built-in tungsten steel piercer at the tip gives you the power to break class or defend yourself as needed. 


  • Closed Length: 105mm
  • Overall Length: 70mm
  • Blade Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 15g

Attach to your keychain for easy access to cut packaging or strings, break glass or containers, open bottlers, and more.

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