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Polar Metals

Discreet Solid Credit Card Mirror


The perfect wallet companion

Have you ever needed a quick checkup while you're out? Our solid steel mirror is the perfect solution! Our solid steel mirror is the size and shape of a credit card. It's lightweight and strong stainless steel. The perfect minimalist mirror for quick, discreet checkups.

Stainless steel forms an invisible Chromium oxide layer, giving it the appearance of a bare-metal mirror surface. This protects it from the elements as well as making the mirror surface an excellent thermal and solar reflector.

It's the exact dimensions of a standard credit card, making it light, strong, portable, and convenient. There are no coatings or glass to break or chip off. This is a single piece of solid stainless steel.

At arm's length, it gives you a great viewing area. It can also be used as a beacon reflector in emergency situations.

Prop it up on your desk to get a view of what's behind you :)

170 people brought this product to life by crowdfunding this mirror on Indiegogo. Get yours now!


  • Size: 8.5cm * 5.5cm
  • Thickness: 0.5mm

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